General Conditions


1. We provide the products prieces EXW from our warehouse in Bulgaria.

2. We guarantee the minimum shelf life which is guaranteed to us by the factory. However usually we receive the goods with much bigger shelf life. The shelf life depends on the brand and order.

3. The lead time depends on the order and brand. We will inform the exact lead time when we place the order to the factory.

4. Minimum order quantity depends on the brand and the final order.

5. The prices depend on the quantity and the final order and are negotiated before placement the order to the factory.

6. In case of the price change you will have the possibility to accept this part of order or cancel it without circumstances.

7. In case of the logistics change we will inform you to adjust your order.

8. Please note, our duty to supply requested capacity and the lead-time fully depend on the availability of goods in factories. Sometimes seasonal deficit or overload in the factories might cause shortage or unforeseen delays.

9. The proforma invoice is valid for 5 days or during the price validity or product availability.

10. When you place the order and make at least 30% prepayment, we will place the order to the factory.

11. Please notice that the client should check and is responsible for accuracy of the product name, order quantity and price in Proforma-Invoice before making a prepayment.

12. Bank transfer charges should be fully paid by the client (OUR).

13. After we receive goods in our warehouse, quantity of wooden euro-pallets in final invoice can be changed from original Proforma-Invoice (according to the received quantity of product and pallets).

Difference will be included in customer's payment balance.

14. When the goods arrive in our warehouse we expect the rest of the payment from you. Maximum 2 days before the loading we expect the full payment for the order.

15. If the transportation is arranged by the client, we need at least 2 days after the confirmation of the exact loading date from the transport company to prepare goods and documents for the loading.

16. For security reasons we must know the truck plate number at least 2 hours before the loading. Delay in providing this information can lead to the postpone of loading, and no charges will be accepted.

17. If freight forwarder arrives for loading later by more than an hour after confirmed time, we have a right to cancel the loading without accepting any fees.

18. In the high season (October-February) due to the overloaded warehouse, we need at least 2-3 days after the full payment reaches our bank account to prepare the goods for the loading and negotiate the possible loading date.

19. When you place your order, you should inform us beforehand if the certificates or photos or other specific non-product requirements are necessary. The costs and charges are being negotiated between us.

20. If you inform us about specific requirements after you placed the order, then it may cost additionally. Or there is a possibility that the requirements cannot be done, but the order cannot be canceled already.

21. In case of the cancellation of the order by the client, the deposit may be fully or partially not returned and depends on the time left for goods arrival in our warehouse.

22. In case of the storage of the order in our warehouse, the client should inform us beforehand to negotiate the time of storage and the additional costs.

23. The exception from the current terms and conditions can be negotiated between both parties.

24. These terms and conditions apply to all orders that you place to Desstrade Ltd. By placing an order, you accept our Terms and Conditions.